Time is of the essence for all of us.  We strive to give you the time you need when you need it - no rushing, no 8 minute visits due to time limitations, no waiting in a waiting room full of people.  We also acknowledge the convenience and ease of being able to text, call or email when the time is right for you.  DPC allows us to prioritize and maximize the focus where it needs to be - on the patient.


More often that not, people are choosing high-deductible plans due to ever-increasing insurance premiums.  While this makes having health insurance more affordable, it often prevents policyholders from seeing their provider as often as they should.   Out of pocket costs for office visits/procedures and the dreaded bill that comes later usually deters people from making appointments. This makes having a high-deductible insurance plan more of an “emergency plan”, which is how insurance was supposed to work, however, it doesn’t solve the problem of keeping people healthy.

Regular office visits to address the small health complaints before they turn into emergent conditions is vitally important. Additionally, insurance doesn’t reliably cover visits that are focused on prevention; such as alcohol/tobacco cessation, weight loss, and dietary counseling.


While the Affordable Care Act mandates that everyone should purchase a health insurance plan, it doesn’t always make if affordable, even with a high-deductible plan. For some, paying the annual penalty for not having health insurance is the only option they can afford financially. While a DPC plan is not an alternative to health insurance and does not constitute health insurance as far as the ACA is concerned, it may be an affordable way to get the non-emergent care you need.