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We are a Direct Primary Care office serving Springfield, IL and surrounding areas since 2016.

Matt is so caring and compassionate. He truly cares and wants his patients health and happy. Best health decision I’ve ever made!
— Patient, Redefine HC
Matt is always available, always very responsive. It’s so nice to have a healthcare provider available whenever you need them! What a great healthcare model!
— Patient, Redefine HC


Healthcare has become a daunting, frustrating and time consuming commodity.  Direct Primary Care allows our patients to take back control by removing the bureaucracies that have crowded and polluted patient care. We choose to operate without insurance companies or middlemen.  By removing these barriers, we have the freedom to decide and dictate what we do and how we do it.  Most importantly, this allows us to spend our time where it counts - With our patients.

Visits are not rushed. No waiting weeks or months for an appointment. No sitting in a waiting room full of people for minutes or hours on end. No playing phone tag with a receptionist to get one simple question answered. Your provider is at your fingertips. You can call, email or text when you please. We have secured affordable pricing for lab and radiology services. Problems often referred to an urgent care or ER can be addressed in office, saving our patients hundreds, even thousands of dollars. We offer medications at a fraction of the cost. How? Insurance does not dictate the price you pay or how long we can see and communicate with you. We do. Our prices are your prices. Period. Membership fees, lab costs, and medication costs are clearly defined. Prices are not inflated or hidden in the underbrush of transactions and coding.

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Direct Primary Care vs. Traditional Primary Care

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