We are Direct Primary Care.  Caring is our strength.


Redefine HC is the first and only Direct Primary Care office in Springfield, Illinois.  

Healthcare has become a daunting, frustrating and time consuming commodity.  Direct Primary Care allows our patients to take back the drivers seat without insurance companies deciding and dictating what we can do, how much we can charge and how much time we spend with our patients.  We put time and convenience back into your schedule, not take it away.  Unlimited office visits, phone calls, texts and same day or next day appointments are a part of what we do.  You have your providers cell phone number.  No jumping through hoops to get a simple question answered.  Office visits are included in your monthly fee -- no co-pays.  No bills in the mail. We provide instant care and communication rather than forcing you to wait days, weeks, or months to make an appointment.

Matt is so caring and compassionate. He truly cares and wants his patients health and happy. Best health decision I’ve ever made!
— Patient, Redefine HC


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