Adult Primary Care Membership (21yrs+): $70/month

Child Membership (3mos - 21yrs): $25/month

Child memberships must be in conjunction with an adult membership.

Fee is waived for each child added after 5th membership (immediate family only).

Payment information

Automatic debit/withdraw

All major debit/credit card carriers accepted

Most HSA cards accepted

Check payments can be made 3 months at a time

$100 discount if paid 1 year in full up front

Items Carrying Additional Charges

We have secured affordable pricing for services such as labs and X-rays. We offer medications at a fraction of the cost. How? Insurance does not dictate the price you pay. We do. Our prices are your prices. Period.

Lab costs (we have partnered with Quest Labs and have secured wholesale pricing for laboratory services)

Plaster Casting/splinting-$10-$20 (depending on amount of materials used)

Laceration Repair- $10-$20 (depending on size and location of injury)

Durable Medical Equipment (crutches, ankle braces, walking boots) - Wholesale rate

Medications - wholesale rate

X-Rays, CT Scan, MRI - wholesale rate through our radiology partner Springfield MRI & Imaging

Vitamin IV Therapy (Members only)

Cosmetic procedures (Members only)